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Rift of the Damned Update Live for Riders of Icarus
Last week, a pretty substantial free update went live for Riders of Icarus (RoI). Entitled “Rift of the Damned,” the update adds new items to the Cash Shop, a level cap increase up to level 40, a new zone (Tritael Rift), a new dungeon (the Breach), and the expansion of the Exarahn Badlands zone. A huge amount of new gear, quests, and familiars can be found in the new areas.

Several limited-time events were also included in the Rift of the Damned update. Most of them only run through October 19th, but the October Attendance Event will run for the entire month. Many of these events only require that you log on and collect your daily reward (some specifically for new or returning players), while the Rift Conquerer Event requires you to flesh out your familiar collection to gain a special familiar skin or Necklace that provides a random stat boost.

TERA Teases Spellbound Update
TERA is currently teasing information slowly for an upcoming major update entitled “Spellbound.” One of the headlining features of the update is the complete rehaul of the Sorcerer class, complete with new skills, new mechanics, and increased spellpower. Overall, the sorcerer will have faster casting times, increased base damage, and more play-style customization via glyphs post-update. I personally didn’t play the sorcerer during my short time with TERA, but these all sound like good changes to me. Hopefully sorcerer players are also pleased with the overall lean of this overhaul.

Spellbound will also be introducing two new dungeons and gear sets, but no information has currently been revealed for those update features yet.

That about wraps it up for this month. Are you excited for the changes that have come/are coming to ESO? Have you tried out RoI? Did/do you ever play a sorcerer in TERA, and, if so, are you looking forward to the overhaul? As always, let us know in the comments below.

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