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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XCIX: Anniversaries and Season Finales
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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XCIX: Anniversaries and Season Finales

TERA and Age of Conan celebrate impressive anniversaries, while GW2 finishes its Season 4 Living Story

May flowers are blooming and MMOs are bursting with various events. For this issue of MMO Co-Opportunities, we have anniversary events for TERA and Age of Conan as well as an upcoming finale to Season 4 of Guild Wars 2’s Living Story. Let's dive right on in!

TERA Celebrates 7th Anniversary
TERA celebrates its 7th anniversary today, and Enmasse is celebrating it several different ways. During the first week, they sent out in-game mails to players that contained five Celebration Tokens. These tokens can be spent at the Celebration Token Shop for various cosmetic items, such as Anniversary costumes, special footsteps, and Backstage Crew Loot Boxes. Each week after the first, Enmasse plans to send out more in-game mails which will each contain a 7th Anniversary scarf.

During May, daily anniversary Vanguard Requests will reward Celebration Tokens, Adventure Coins, Haste Coins, and more. Each week, specific dungeons and battlegrounds will reward 20 celebration coins for 10 clears/10 plays (geared towards level 65+ characters). For characters who are still leveling up, completing some of the lower level dungeons will reward 2 Celebration Tokens.

Guild Wars 2 Season 4 Finale to Launch May 14th
On May 14th, the final episode of Guild War 2’s Living Story Season 4 will launched. Entitled “War Eternal”, the episode will introduce a new mount (the Skyscale), a new zone, and new achievements as well as introducing a new legendary weapon (another Greatsword, this one called Exordium) into the game.

To celebrate wrapping up Living Story Season 4, Arenanet is discounting the Path of Fire expansion by 50% in their online shop. You can check out the trailer for War Eternal below:

Age of Conan Celebrates 11th Anniversary with Month-long Event
It’s difficult for me to believe it, but Age of Conan is 11 years old this month! (Difficult to believe since its launch really doesn’t seem to have been quite that long ago.) From now until May 30th (which is the date AoC officially launched), various potions, hordes, and chest will be discounted in-game. There are also special daily login rewards which replace the standard daily login bonuses. In addition to the special anniversary daily rewards, players will get a special Raid Finder chest every day they log into the game. These chests can be opened once a player completes a Raider Finder or Daily Challenge. The chests themselves contain things like token packs and pets.

That wraps it up for this month. Are you participating in any of these anniversary events, or are you looking forward to the season finale of Guild Wars 2?