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Black Desert Online on PS4 Gets New Classes, World Boss, and Game Modes
Last week, a big content update landed on the PS4 servers for Black Desert Online. This update includes two new classes (the Dark Knight and the Musa), a new World Boss (Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption), and two new game modes. The new game modes are both weekly PvP events: Node Wars (a king-of-the-hill style mode for guilds to compete against each other for control of node locations) and Conquest Wars (a large-scale mode where players are fighting over control of the Balenos and Serendia territories).

The launch trailer for the update is available below:

Champions Online Celebrates its 10th Anniversary
Champions Online launched ten years ago on September 1st, 2009. A whole decade of saving the city deserves some celebration, so Cryptic has a whole months worth of events planned. New events will be launching each week of September and the second set kicked off on September 5th. Completing these anniversary missions will reward players with special gear, Anniversary Gifts and Favors, new perks, action figures, and event special emotes. Until September 19th, Cryptic is also selling the Lifetime Subscription for Champions Online at 33% off ($200).

That wraps it up for this month of MMOCO. Have you jumped on the WoW Classic servers yet, or are you enjoying or looking forward to the anniversary-related event of another MMO?

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