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Guild Wars 2 Announces Release Date for Next Episode
ArenaNet has announced that “No Quarter” (episode 3 of The Icebrood Saga) will be out on May 26th. Focusing on the Charr, this episode will bring players to a new region: the Drizzlewood Coast. It will also add a new Mastery (United Legions Waystation Synchronization), which can grant special action skills. In addition, the Essence Manipulation Mastery tracks will expand to encompass a 4th tier. A new Strike Mission and new rewards (weapon sets, armor sets, an emote) are also being added with this episode!

Due to COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, “No Quarter” will be released without voice acting. Once it’s safe for the voice actors (and other folks involved in the recording process) to get back into the studios, recording will be done and then added to the episode retroactively. You can check out the trailer for the upcoming episode below:

SWTOR Ongoing Events
SWTOR has a few ongoing events this month. The Double XP event (started in mid-April and ongoing until June 16th) is still ongoing, where players can enjoy double XP, Renown, and Valor. The “Pirate Incursion” event is running until 11AM PST May 12th (tomorrow), where level 20 characters can visit an area of contention between the Republic and Empire on Dantooine.

Starting on May 19th and running until May 26th, players with characters level 50 can participate in the “Relics of the Gree” event where they will be investigating an ancient Gree starship on the Western Ice Shelf of Ilum. Interested players can visit the News Terminal in Carrick Station (Republic) or Vaiken Spacedock in the Imperial Fleet (Empire) to begin the event once it goes live.

That puts a bow on this month’s selection of news postings for MMOs. Hope everyone is healthy and safe!

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