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Co-Op Couples: The Thrill of the Hunt - Page 2

Nightmare, I tell you! Niiiightmaaare!!

I couldn't get to the Toys R Us in time on Sunday, so I bided my time. Monday was pretty terrible; trying to work while hoping some little kid didn't snag the last band kit was excruciating. I could picture myself like an angry woman on Black Friday, shoving toward the "R Zone" to declare what was mine and defending it with my life. I think at one point I even scratched gouges into my desk chair arms. Marc tried to placate me earlier that morning with a very kind offer that I knew he was good for, but despite his kindness I was on edge.

The most ironic part of all this was that I was on the hunt to find something that would encourage my wife to continue turning the Guitar Hero experiences that we loved into an episode of The Smurfs, but with less blue. (No, Mr. Murphy, I am not discriminating against Smurfs.)

Finally, the work day was over, and I took full advantage of our babysitter in order to travel halfway across Houston and over the ship channel in my quest to claim a band kit. The look on my baby daughter's face was hilarious -- she badly wanted to know what the heck that huge, colorful box was doing occupying Daddy's entire front seat. What she didn't realize is that this box would guarantee future nights of co-op...and that it was worth all 40 hours of effort to get it.

Dinner was served, the baby was put to bed, and my wife arrived home from work. The hour had finally come for her to see the new drum set! I already had the game booted up and the instruments connected. She saw that I'd been trying it out and smiled sweetly. "Is it fun?"

I grinned like a child. "Yeah, pretty fun. What song do you want to play?"

And after a grueling two days of hunting through the city for a discontinued item, my beautiful, graceful wife sat down behind the drum set and queued up the stupidest song to ever appear on a music game roster: "Me and My Gang", by Rascal Flatts.

Holy crap.