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The Co-Op Holiday Gift Guide - Playstation 3/PSP - Page 2

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As we’ve covered over the past couple of weeks, Sony has released a free on-line service for PS3/PSP that allows them to use the PS3’s Internet capabilities in order to play formerly adhoc only PSP games with friends all over the world.  While we’re still waiting on the full list of games that are able to use this service, we know that one of our PSP co-op recommendations works with it and there's no reason not to go ahead and download this service to your PS3.

Thinking of picking a PSP up for someone this holiday? Our own Mike "pheriannath" Katsufrakis reviewed the PSPgo and came to the conclusion that if you do end up getting a PSP for someone, you should go this route. (OMG it’s PURPLE!!!)

[Ed. Note: Joking aside, Mike’s review actually said that the PSPgo is a good piece of hardware for folks that don’t already own one, assuming you don’t mind the $250 price tag]

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Co-Op Holiday Guide, already in progress...

Monster Freedom Hunter Unite

Building off our earlier theme of “brining co-op to RPG gamers,” shoppers looking for a co-op RPG game that’s portable may want to consider Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.  The Monster Hunter series can be likened to games like Diablo or Torchlight where you go off on a variety of quests for some reason or another, but what you’re really after is the loot; specifically, better loot so your character can be the baddest hunter ever.  Unlike those titles, though, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite places the player and up to three of his or her friends in a wide open world where you have to work together to take down or capture giant monsters in order to acquire this loot, rather than crawling through seemingly unending dungeons.  The biggest downside to this co-op title was that it was local play only, but thanks to adhocParty, that restriction is now lifted and gamers all over the world can take down fearsome beasts together.

The game retails for $27.99 on Amazon.

PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe
Another No Packaging, Eco-Friendly Option!

Looking for something a little more casual for the co-op loving PSP gamer?  Then PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe may be the game for him or her. Monsters Deluxe is a tower defense game where the player controls a little dancing chief that’s in charge of protecting the people of a village from invading monsters by building towers to take them down.  While you can play the game solo, it’s even better when you bring a friend along to help with the defenses.  Originally a PSN only title, the portable version brings with it not only all of then fun from the original, but also includes the Encore expansion, new levels, and tons of unlockable content.  Plus, it overcomes one of the biggest sticking points of the original by allowing players to play online through Infrastructure, and utilizes an interesting in-game communication system to allow players to better plan their defenses.

The game retails for $19.99 and a game voucher can be acquired through Amazon.