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The Co-Op Holiday Gift Guide - Playstation 3/PSP
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The Co-Op Holiday Gift Guide - Playstation 3/PSP

On the second day of the Co-Op Holiday Gift Guide, the Co-Optimus staff has put together for thee, some co-op recommendations for the PS3 and PSP.

Uncharted 2

For anyone shopping for a game for a PS3 owner this holiday season, Uncharted 2 is pretty much an easy choice; assuming the aforementioned PS3 owner doesn’t already have this game, that is.  From the gorgeous scenery and score, to the engaging and enjoyable characters, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is popping up on a lot of potential “Game of the Year” lists; and that’s just the single player aspect.  The game offers three co-op modes, Gold Rush, Co-Op and Survival, and allows for up to three players to play on-line to earn money to unlock bonus content, weapon upgrades, and new player skins for the co-op modes.

With Amazon’s Black Friday deals going on this week, you can also pick up this thoroughly enjoyable title for just $49.96.

Demon’s Souls

RPGs are typically marked by the fact that the player spends the whole game slogging through dungeons, killing all manner of terrible beasties, and questing to save some town/continent/planet from some unspeakable without ever enjoying these things with a buddy.  Thankfully, publisher Atlus has provided a solution with the release of Demon’s Souls, a hardcore (and that is a term not used lightly here) jRPG that features co-op play.  Demon’s Souls, while not completely co-operative throughout, does offer a unique way for you to enjoy the usual RPG experience with friends.  Whenever you die, something that can happen quite a bit, you can join another person’s game to help them beat enemies in order to restore your corporeal self.  Additionally, players can leave notes to one another to offer warnings (“Here be dragons”) or advice for how to overcome particularly difficult enemies (“Bring friends”).

So give the gift of co-op to your RPG gamer this holiday season, now at the low, low price of just $49.99!

The No Packaging, Eco-Friendly Option

While there were some initial concerns that the PS3 version of this game may not have lived up to its PC originator, we weren’t about to let that go without testing it for ourselves.  Katrina "ShadokatRegn" Pawlowski put the game through its paces and discovered that by just unplugging any extraneous peripherals from the system, this three player co-op title more than lives up to the co-op score Mike gave to the PC version of the game.  Indeed, the co-op experience is perhaps even a little better on the PS3 as it’s easier to do co-op on a system that has a bigger screen and already comes with the controllers needed to enjoy the experience.  All in all, a great title to play with family and friends that might be visiting over the holidays.

The game is available through the PS3’s Playstation Store for $19.99, which allows you to gift games to other Playstation 3 owners, or you can pick up a $20 Playstation Network card and use it as a stocking stuffer.