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Co-optimus Community Voice October: These Things Scare me Sometimes
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Co-optimus Community Voice October: These Things Scare me Sometimes

Another month another blog topic. It’s October already, and with that comes all the things that scare us. Horror movies/games, large crowds, balloons - the list is as endless as the people with fears. Our blog topic calls for you to discuss your fears in games, be it a particular game that gave you nightmares, or the type of people that are most vocal on Xbox Live. Share with us, and help us expand the Co-optimus Community Voice by speaking up, and maybe telling us what we should be doing with it to make the community work its best.

Co-optimus Community Voice is a way for Co-optimus users to get a little front-page attention from the world. So far we’ve been taking a blurb out of your blog and linking directly to whatever writing you’ve had for us in the blogs Section of Co-optimus.

How do you get your icon and quote on the front page? Simple, write a blog titled "CCV These Things Scare Me Sometimes - *title of your blog*" to the best of your blog-writing ability, and we’ll read through them and post a little something in your honor. Make sure it’s a blog post and not just a forum topic, and be as original as possible!

If you are chosen, we are working on a system to get information about you in a timely manner to accompany your quote and icon image, so be sure to check back to Co-optimus often if you’ve written a topic blog.