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The Co-Optimus Video Guide to Building a Gaming PC
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The Co-Optimus Video Guide to Building a Gaming PC

In Part 1 of our guide to building a gaming PC we looked at all the components of a computer and gave suggestions on which ones to purchase.   Now your components have arrived and its time to put them together to create yourself a kick ass gaming rig to show off to your co-op buddies.

This video guide will take you through the steps of assembling the case, installing the motherboard, installing the processor, mounting your cooling solutions, installing the memory and video card, as well as basics of cable management.   We'll touch on hard drive installation as well and wrap it all up with the "moment of truth."

We tried to keep this as informative as possible, while also keeping it interesting and brief.  

Part 1

Part 2

In our next part we'll examine how to wrap up the build, checking out some games and how they run, and a few other final odds and ends with building your gaming pc!  Check back soon!