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Co-Optimus Community Voice March: The Hype Machine
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Co-Optimus Community Voice March: The Hype Machine

With all 4 quarters of game releases to go in 2011, there has been a lot of hype building up a lot of games in the last two months. Some of the hype simply seems too good to be true. Some of it is reasonable, but may get washed away by the over-hyped games. Which game hype; past, present or future has affected you or your view of gaming in some way or another? Which games have utterly failed to live up to potential, or been sadly overlooked because other games overshadowed them? Which games could you simply not wait for based on some beautiful campaigns to build them up for us?

This blog topic is intended to take a look at what hype does to gamers and their view of games. There have been many great hype campaigns for games including TV spots, spoof trailers, well placed teaser trailers, full trailers that catch our attention, etc. For March’s blog topic all you have to do is write a blog in our Blogs section about a game campaign that really hooked you, really turned you off, or really disappointed you in some way - it doesn’t have to be co-op, nor from this current gaming generation. Be Creative! Make sure you stay on the topic of gaming hype in some form or another, and title your blog “CCV: The Hype Machine.

Keep in mind since the site’s third birthday, we also have added unlockable achievements for those of you who wish to be the best of the best co-op community member - including Blogging achievements. Once a week I’ll be compiling a few selected blog posts that stay on topic and are titled properly to be featured on the front page. It helps you gain recognition if you have a user icon to post, so make sure you spend a bit of time on your new profile page so we can give you the recognition you deserve.

Also: Hype. I don’t think I used that word enough in this post.