Co-Optimus - Editorial - On The Download Issue 30: Catastrophic Free Stuff

On The Download Issue 30: Catastrophic Free Stuff - Page 2

New in Download and DLC:

Bulletstorm DLC is already emerging for the PC so far. New stages for Anarchy mode, new levels for the game, and some weapons packs available for $9.99 on PC. Not bad for a newbie game.

Dungeons And Dragons Daggerdale is Specifying Its Goal: Loot. The new trailer expounds on the goal of collecting loot in the game, which makes me wonder when Diablo visited D&D? Who cares? Go loot.

Finally, Guardian Heroes gets the HD treatment in an upcoming reboot of the very Anime-looking beat ‘em up on XBLA - and I’m intrigued anyway. It seems as though the games of yore aren’t burning out on the HD updates yet, and I’m glad to see them reborn.

Free for you:

See Page 1. No, really. All of page 1.

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