Co-Optimus - Editorial - Co-Op Couples: Tempted By the Loot of Another

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For you, walking from the refrigerator to the couch is like walking the plank for the scurviest pirate lord that ever existed. You can feel a pain in your back, no doubt from the proverbial sword poking you forward.


Everything goes well at first; despite a few close calls, the game manages to immerse both of you, and before long you’re spinning combos together and enjoying the cinematic cutscenes. Your partner squeezes your hand and goes to fetch you the box of Cheez-its. This is how co-op gaming is supposed to be! Why did you ever settle for less?


Alas, it was not destined to end the way it started…in your elation, you neglect subtlety. On-screen, Gimli’s axe twirls into a spectacular attack; your eyes tear up, it’s so beautiful. Your partner’s controller hits the floor, but not because they’re impressed. In a tone demanding no less than an immediate and truthful answer, you are asked the question that for gamers transfers from the bedroom to the game console…


Where did you learn THAT trick?!”


In most cases, hearing that from your partner is a good thing. Whether co-op gaming or procreating, pulling the right combo once will ensure that you are obligated to do that every time. However, in both instances, you’d better have a good story explaining how it got into your innocent head to perform such an amazing and devastating move. The way you answer will determine if the activity resumes or not…for the next six months.


Luckily for us, there is always new software in development, and in this golden age of online gaming and four controllers per console, cooperative games are becoming more and more prominent on store shelves and in virtual marketplaces. Your submission to temptation will be overlooked the instant your partner takes a fancy to a new game.


So if you find yourself receiving invites to play Guitar Hero: Aerosmith while the other half of your Co-op Couple is out, have no fear. We at do not condone sharing your co-op experience with whatever tramp sends you an invite, but we do provide a list of co-op games for you to make a fresh start…just in case you get caught.