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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XV: September 2011 (GW2, WildStar, and the Secret World)
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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XV: September 2011 (GW2, WildStar, and the Secret World)

We take a look at updates for Guild Wars 2, the Secret World, and WildStar Online

As the summer draws to a close, a lot of us eagerly begin to wait for the Fall game releases to start rolling in. MMOs, though, often thrive in the summer, and this August was no exception. Though the multiplayer game I’m playing right now (League of Legends) did experience an exciting new announcement (a new mode), this announcement sadly did not include co-op, so for this edition of MMO Co-Opportunities, we’ll be focusing on games on the horizon.

What I Have My Eye On:

Guild Wars 2
Co-Opportunity Updates: Silvari race redesign

A lot of exciting new information was released in the past month for Guild Wars 2. Much to my excitement, one of the reveals was the Silvari revamp. While humans were the only playable races in the first game, the Norn, Asura, and Charr were all present as NPCs and part of the story. The Silvari, however, are completely new to Guild Wars 2. Though they are a nature attuned race, they’re quite different from the classic fantasy genre’s elf. Silvari are literally grown from a particular tree and they come into the world fully grown and mentally mature due to a shared memory network while they are in stasis. A year or so ago, the Silvari looked kind of like strange green humans. Thanks to the redesign, however, they look much more like plants shaped in humanoid form (and their clothes are grown as well!). As someone who will likely make a Silvari main on launch, I’m quite pleased with the redesign. What do you guys think?