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Gaming With Devs, Episode 1

As something new for Indie-Ana Co-op, Mike "pheriannath" Katsufrakis and I headed up to Philly for a day to chat with Mike Ambrogi, Tim Ambrogi, and Hal Larsson from Final Form Games to chat about their recently released 4 player 'shmup, Jamestown. In addition to an interview that covered everything from their biggest challenges in making the game to their favorite co-op moments, we recorded a little clip of us playing through almost the entire game with them providing some commentary along the way. Hopefully, this is something we'll be able to do with more developers in the future!

Cadenza Interactive Announces Retrovirus

The fine fellows at Cadenza Interactive have teased a new game for some time. Simply calling it "Project 2" and promising us that it would have co-op, the curtain was finally lifted on their new game, called Retrovirus. Set inside of a computer that's been infected with a deadly virus, the new game seems to take its cue from many of the great flight shooters from the mid-90s offering players "six degrees of freedom" movement in addition to "unique weapon systems... puzzles, combat, and exploration" all with a full co-op campaign. While still in its alpha stages of development, we're hopeful we'll get a chance to see a bit more in the next couple of months.


The fall has certainly provided a lot of great co-opportunities from both the AAA and indie front and while things will undoubtedly die down a bit going into the winter season, there are still plenty of great games out there to discover and share. In fact, if you should come across, tell us about it! Write someting up in the User Blogs section of the site! Your review may end up featured in the next Indie-Ana Co-op, or another fine Co-Optimus feature.

Thanks for reading and have a great Thanksgiving!

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