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Games for the 3DS

For...well the because you really don't have a choice for 3D titles...

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D ($39.99) - Two player online co-op play through this popular mode should hold the interest of the person receiving this gift just long enough to realize the 3D is hurting their eyes. 

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure ($69.99) - The same game as the console version, only in portable form.  Plus you can bring your Skylander's into the game using the figures and transfer between versions.  Awesome.  Two player co-op via AD-HOC.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (FREE) - Ok, so you don't have to buy this yet, but if you get your friend a 3DS for the holiday they can download this game free.  4 Player co-op Zelda goodness!

Games might be few and far between on the 3DS itself, but with the vast library of DS games at your disposal as well.  You can find a full list of those here.


Everything Else Nintendo

Got some friends that are insanely into Nintendo and all their lovable characters?  Perhaps some of these gifts are just for them.



Monopoly Nintendo ($34.99) - A Mario?  Don't pass Go don't collect a green mushroom.  The classic monopoly formula is mixed with familiar Nintendo characters and places.  It might not be co-op play but at least you'll get to play together.


Super Mario Bros 2" Figure Set ($17.50) - Who doesn't like playing with toys?  Pretend to stomp goombas all day with these little Mario and Luigi figures as well as the rest of the gang.


Nintendo Chess ($39.99) - might not be co-op.  But it's friggin Chess..with Nintendo figures.  Somebody is bound to love this.


Gameboy iPhone Case ($2.00) - Easiest secret Santa gift ever.  A $2 iPhone case and you'll look like a classic gamer hero when you give it to him or her.  "Oh man..I loved my Gameboy" they'll say.  And you'll respond..."I know...I know."


And there you have it!  The perfect shopping list for anyone that wants the latest Nintendo co-op products and goodies.  Happy Holidays!


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