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Co-Optimus 2011 Holiday Buyer's Guide Nintendo Wii and DS Edition
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Co-Optimus 2011 Holiday Buyer's Guide Nintendo Wii and DS Edition

Dear Santa, I would like a Green Mushroom. Love, Sally

It's been a rough year for fans of Nintendo's console and handhelds as the Nintendo Wii is on its way out to make way for the WiiU and the Nintendo DS saw itself replaced by the 3DS - which wasn't quite the product most were hoping for.  With that in mind if you REALLY have someone that wants a Wii for the holidays, that's about the only way we can recommend getting one at this point for co-op gaming.  Otherwise with the WiiU right around the corner and the price of the 360 and PS3 dropping to respectable levels, the Wii may have seen it's last big holiday.  Of course, this still a lot of Nintendo goodness to get!


Hardware and Peripherals:

Nintendo Wii with Mario Kart Bundle ($149.99)

if you gotta get em something, might as well give them it with a nice plastic racing wheel and a free game.  Plus you'll get a Wii-mote, Nun-Chuk and a shiny black design that'll match your other devices in your stereo stack.  Yeah..I said stereo stack, so what?


Nintendo 3DS Flame Red - ($169.99)

You're still better off snagging a 3DS rather than a DS, unless your main concern is battery life.  Otherwise you can play both 3DS and DS games on this bad boy as well as the swanky 3D effect.   Everyone is doing 3D now...so should you...I mean the person you are giving this to.



Games for the Wii

For the bug hater or person who loves ruined classic franchises...

Centipede Infestation ($29.99) - It's two player local co-op and based on a classic Atari franchise...but you wouldn't know it.  


For the obese sister who you don't want to tell to excercise or the person that's too good to listen to pop music...

Just Dance 3 ($34.99) - Look sis, put down the Christmas cookies and come dance another Lady Gaga song with me, trust me, you won't regret it.  I hope you like the Black Eyed Peas!   4 player local co-op.


For your friends who have a severe motion sickness problem...

The Conduit 2 ($39.99) - Ever try playing a FPS game on the Wii?  It's a dizzying affair.  Which means it's perfect for the dramamine addict friend that refuses to ride the rollercoasters at the theme parks. 4 player local co-op.


Ok - and now for the people you actually like.  There's some great games on the Wii that are available on other platforms as well, but still, solid experiences.

De Blob 2 ($19.99) - You can snag this kid friendly game for around twenty bucks and enjoy two player co-op action through the whole thing. (Co-Optimus Review)

Rayman Origins ($49.99) - Some are saying this is the best platformer in years, if anything, it looks the part.  Beautiful hand drawn graphics with plenty of Rayman love.  4 player local co-op.

Skylanders: Spryo's Adventure: ($69.99) - This one has popped up on our other lists and it's easy to see why.  Addictive toy collecting mixed with addictive in game item collecting mixed with addictive two player co-op gameplay.  It's just addictive!  Plus you can take your characters to the 3DS version (or any version) if you want!  (Co-Optimus Review)