Co-Optimus - Interview - Space Invaders Extreme Co-Op Interview

Spac3 Invaders Extr3me

  • LAN Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign

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Co-Optimus: Is the co-op identical to the single player in terms of content - or are they specific levels?

Arvin: Co-op has an identical stage layout to the single player mode, the real challenge is topping the leaderboards as a team, because everything gets shared: score multipliers, bonuses, fever times, power ups... These are all dependent on your teammates knowing when to trigger these things rather than just blasting at everything.


Co-Optimus: Any special co-op attacks or bonuses?

Arvin: The designer, had planned to work some special attacks into the game, but eventually decided that those tended to detract a little from the game and may have been much harder to balance. So we decided to cut those… maybe next time.



Co-Optimus: Were there any games you looked at for inspiration with the game's multiplayer?

Arvin: The versus mode has a survivor mode that features many elements from puzzle games like Tetris, Puzzle Fighter or even Twinkle Star Spites. Players are set up on their own separate screens, with their own waves of invaders to shoot down. For every three invaders that the player shoots, one is placed in their ‘queue’. If they shoot a UFO (that routinely pass by on the top screen), any invaders in the queue are sent to their opponents’ screens. Alternatively, if someone sends you a number of opponents equal to those in your queue, you lose your stockpile and your attack is nullified. The trick is knowing whether to hoard invaders or to just keep sending them over bit by bit to mess your opponents up.


Co-Optimus: If you were a space invader - which one would you be?

Arvin: I think I’d be an Ika. Having multiple arms would definitely make my work day go by easier. And, squids are cool.


Thanks Jennie Sue and Arvin for your time!