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"First undead Nazis, then angry monkey men, now giant green rings?  When will it end?"

Co-Optimus: Siege mode appears to be a mash up between traditional survival modes mixed with defend the base style gameplay. Was there any inspiration from existing games and/or game modes which guided this?

Robert: Uncharted 2 is influenced greatly by the action-adventure genre. One aspect of this genre, we feel, is camaraderie and the idea of Siege mode kind of stems off of that. We wanted a mode with rules that would make people work together, but use rules that still fit with the multiplayer modes we had shipped with. The result, after a significant amount of iteration, something we take great pride in at Naughty Dog, is Siege mode.

Co-Optimus: We've heard for some time now that additional DLC for the Objective Co-op mode of Uncharted 2 was highly unlikely due to all the production that's involved. Would the success of the Siege mode DLC have any impact on determining whether there might be additional maps added to the existing Objective mode, or new Objective-type modes developed?

Justin: Unfortunately, the answer still stands at unlikely. Doing the Co-op modes like Siege takes a ton of work. Doing Co-op Objective maps multiplies that by a thousand. I won’t say never, but it’s a far outside chance.

Co-Optimus: Is there any other Co-op DLC that might be under development right now?

Arne Meyer: We’ve had plenty of discussion about potential future DLC content; however we haven’t made any decisions yet regarding our future plans, be it of Co-op or Competitive in nature.

Co-Optimus: Now that U.S. players have access to the Rika and Pinkerton multiplayer skins from the comic prequel, The Eye of Indra, has there been any discussion about possibly turning parts of that comic into playable maps for Co-op/multiplayer?

Justin: We have tossed ideas like that around. So far nothing has come of it, but you never know. The UNCHARTED universe is so huge and untapped that there are thousands of places that would make awesome Co-op and Competitive maps. The UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra setting and storyline is just a tiny part of that universe.


Thanks to Naughty Dog, Chris Paladino and Arne Meyer for helping with this interview!

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