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Army of Two Co-Op Review

We've just posted our co-op review of Army of Two for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  Is it the game that every co-op gamer has dreamed of?  Or do things fall short of expectation?    Find out in our full review - and don't forget to stick around for the 60 second video review! Read the full review right here....

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Co-Op Release Alert: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Usually you and a buddy hit the Vegas strip to gamble, drink and other more less than savory acts.  This week you and a buddy can hit the Vegas strip together to kill terrorists!   Rainbow Six Vegas 2 hits both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 this week featuring a full co-op campaign!   While the campaign mode only features a...

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Kane and Lynch to Get DLC?

Well, thanks to eagle-eyed member "borandi" we have just updated Kane & Lynch: Dead Men to the infamous status of 1250 gamerscore with five new achievements. There were rumors when the game was first released that DLC would be revealed shortly after, but nothing ever came of it. New achievements are always a good indicator of DLC, so we'll definitely be keeping our virtual ears open for an announcement on that front. As of right now, we have no idea what, when or how this DLC will take shape.

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Alert! New Red Alert 3 Co-Op Details

There's an integrated co-op experience where literally the two players have to work in tandem to pursue some goal. On a stealth mission, for example, you may have one guy who's moving a big, bulky shield generator unit and the other guy has to take his assault force and has to keep it underneath the cover of that shield generator unit. That's a very intimate co-op experience because they're talking into their voice-over-IP headsets and they have to coordinate their movements that way.

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A few crumbs of info about GTA IV Co-op

Other multiplayer modes will include deathmatch, fetch quests, and races, as well as the open ended "Free Roam".  It is unknown if any of these other multiplayer modes will feature co-op.  The full list of multiplayer modes is available after the jump.

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Mr. Driller Goes Online

It seems that everyone's favorite adorable spelunker is making the journey online. Game Watch Impress and IGN have revealed details and screenshots of Namco's latest offering in the brightly colored Mr. Driller series, Mr. Driller Online. The game will have the requisite single player modes, including a Quest Mode, but it will also feature two on t...

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Breaking Boom Blox Info

Boom Blox may sound like a run of the mill Wii title, but recent details have come forth that may pique gamers' interest.  The title is the first in a series of collaborations between Steven Spielberg and EA.  Considering the success of Spielberg's last foray in to the video game industry, a certain degree of skepticism about his new...

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The Co-Op Gaming Bill of Rights

In particular I was particularly stuck by the comment about defining what a gamer considers bedrock functionality for co-op gaming. This sort of thinking is very similar to some of the thinking we do with the industry around platform features, and it got my co-worker Krotus and I chatting about what features might be considered as being the basic "bar" for a co-op title. The industry has come a long way in just a few years, and we wanted to see what we might come up with that we'd like to see in future titles. A little bit of whiteboarding later we came up the list below... and would love your thoughts on it!

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1942 Remake Announced for XBLA and PSN

1942: Joint Strike is fundamentally the same game we've seen before. It's still a top-down vertical shooter. Only now we get it in true widescreen, sans the "arcade bars" so often seen on digital remakes. And though the gameplay remains two-dimensional, the visuals are actually 3D. 1942 is a gorgeous game, even in its unfinished state. Though we saw a few occasions of slowdown, it's certainly a looker that is only going to get better over the next few months. Surprisingly, the slick new look of 1942 is outdone by the new musical score by Metal Gear composer Norihiko Hibinio. It's contemporary, but doesn't feel out of place amidst the fast-moving arcade action.