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Here are a couple examples of Dynamic Events:

The first example shows the arrival of a dragon near a particular town or village. The players nearby that town or village can choose to fight the dragon. If they are successful, the dragon may flee or die, and the players involved are rewarded by the village elder; if the players fail, the dragon destroys a bridge vital to the village. At that time, the village people attempt to build a new bridge, and the players may help them by fending off a group of bandits that see the opportunity to attack.

Another example is of event clashing, or multiple event chains in one location. The example has been given of a player escorting a beer merchant from Divinity's Reach to Beetletun; when the destination is reached, the player notices centaurs attacking the city, whilst players trying to defend it. The escort player can then join in the fight, protecting the merchant. Completion of the success goal unlocks the beer merchant in Divinity's Reach to all players, and the merchant may be shown differently - in a stand, in a shop or a building, and repels the attacking centaurs.

Will Guild Wars 2 Have a Subscription Fee?

Just like the first game, there will be no subscription fee for Guild Wars 2. After you buy the game, you’ll be able to play the game without a subscription from then on.

When Is it Coming Out?

“When it’s done.” ArenaNet has stressed that they will not be releasing GW2 until they’re satisfied with it.

Whew, well that was a mouthful to say the least! I hope you guys found things you either didn't know about or thought were interesting. If you're curious to learn more, or want to look into a specific concept/area more, the official Guild Wars 2 website has a bunch of information I didn't have space to cover here.

As one more thing to leave you guys with, here's the Guild Wars 2 Manifesto video to let the developers speak for themselves about the game!

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