Conduit 2

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SEGA vs. New York City: Conduit 2 Preview
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SEGA vs. New York City: Conduit 2 Preview

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had the opportunity to see upcoming Wii shooter Conduit 2 at the SEGA vs. New York event. I’m finally able to share with you guys what I saw and the information I got.

Attendees of the event were treated to a hands-off, pre-beta build of the game, which is much newer than the version developer High Voltage show-cased at E3 and PAX. The developers stressed that it will not be necessary to have played the first Conduit to enjoy its sequel. At the same time, however, a major push of Conduit 2 is addressing concerns the community voiced about the original game. As far as the interface and controls go, all of the controls are fully remappable (as they were in Conduit), but an iron sight and a sprint ability have been introduced at the behest of fans.

Players will find the environments of Conduit 2 also much more diverse than the original. The hub is the famed sunken city of Atlantis, but the game’s story will bring you to locations all around the globe, including China as well as a return to Washington D.C. Many weapons will be easily recognizable from the first game with a few balance tweaks, but there will be many new guns as well. The developers showed off a gun that makes the wielder invisible, and they also told us about a shield gun, a gun that can shoot through walls, and a sticky-target gun. High Voltage is definitely going all-out with the weapons, trying to make each one have a different feel and making them all fun to use.

The single-player campaign clocks in at about 8 hours long. There will also be bosses in the single-player, another change for the franchise. In case the short play-time of the single-player puts you off, the developers were quick to emphasize that the multi-player is a huge part of the game as well, comprised of 14 different multi-player modes (EDIT: I originally wrote 40, but I've been informed I misheard and it's 14, which is still a VERY impressive number. Sorry for the confusion, everyone!). Yep, that’s right - FOURTEEN. While they didn’t go over what all 14 of these modes were like, I was quick to jump in and ask some specifics about the co-op mode, which is one (or possibly more?) of these modes.