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Conduit 2

  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
E3 2010 Conduit 2 Shows Us Guns
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E3 2010 Conduit 2 Shows Us Guns

Last years release of a Wii on-rails shooter sans co-op baffled us in The Conduit. It was the first time in ages a game with such co-op capabilities left us without a player 2. It would appear Sega learned from their mistake, unleashing The Conduit 2 complete with co-op, and a supposedly revolutionary online multiplayer system. This will be the first time a company has made such a claim for Wii's online capabilities, but we're certainly ready to hear more.

According to our first post on The Conduit 2 the game is capable of supporting 12 players online (no online co-op, drat), as well as up to 4 players local splitscreen. Reminiscent of the days of yore playing versus on a splitscreen, they also allow players to work together toward a common objective.

Right now we're looking forward to more details, specifically hands-on to see what this co-op entails exactly. Until then, have a look at these quite attractive screen shots from Sega themselves.