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  • pc
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Brut@l Co-Op Review

Between its history, artstyle, and title, Brut@l is a unique game. With these features, it’s certainly a head-turner, but initial impressions can only get a game so far. As a rogue-like (in a time where gamers are flooded with rogue-likes), it needs to impress mechanically. It has to be addicting, egging the player to play one more level, or ...

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  • pc
  • playstation 4
  • couch
Throwing healing items at a friend just seems more efficient

Brut@l's Co-Op Mechanics Detailed

As the ASCII inspired, roguelike dungeon crawler Brut@l approaches its PlayStation 4 release date, developer Stormcloud Games is revealing some new information about how co-op works. Specifically, does the loot drop for each player individually, or is it communal? Can a downed buddy be revived? And perhaps the most important question of all, can I throw a potion at my friend's head to heal him or her?

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