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Darkening of Tristram event should be arriving soon for Diablo 3

Celebrate 20 Years of Diablo Across All of Blizzard's IPs

Hard to believe it was 20 years ago that I first descended into the depths of Hell in search of the Lord of Terror (and some quality loot). Diablo was released on December 31, 1996 and its arrival marked a new beginning for, and in some ways the actual definition of, the action-RPG genre. To celebrate the title's release, Blizzard is injecting a little of the world of Sanctuary into all of its games.

by Marc Allie 5
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A short history of the classic co-op series

Diablo: A Retrospective

As 1996 drew to a close, a new chapter in videogame history was beginning. On December 31st of that year, Diablo was released. It was a smash hit, and forever altered the gaming landscape. Diablo was a hybrid, blending action and RPG elements together, and it was incredibly fun to play, especially in cooperative mode with a few friends. Today, we’ll take a look at each game and expansion in the series, tracking the evolution of Diablo in anticipation of the launch of Diablo 3 next week.

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Co-Op Classics: Diablo

Bleary eyed, I slammed my mouse down and growled out loud.  I could barely see my watch in the dark, lit only by the glare from my monitor.  2:30 AM.  How could I possibly have played this long, and not known it?  I sighed and stared at the screen.  There, in blood red hue, lay the corpse of my warrior, piles of gold everywhere, surrounded by acid spitting demons.  I crept into the other room to find the telephone, and dialed a close friend.  Luckily, I had started this session as a modem game, just in case.  "John?  Are you awake?  I need your help, man.  I died to those lame acid spitters on Hell difficulty again, and there is no way I can get to my corpse.  Dial in and help me?  I can't just restart, man, I just got that King's Longsword of Haste, I'll never find one again..."  So began another co-op rescue mission in Diablo, Blizzard's masterpiece for the PC.

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