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by Nick Puleo 7
  • pc

This Week in Co-Op: Doom II like it's 1994

An interesting thing happened recently with the release of DOOM II on Xbox Live Arcade - not only did you get the classic game updated to be playable on the umpteenth platform with online play and the original graphics - you got a sense of the original experience of playing the game on a 14.4 modem!

by Katrina Pawlowski 45
  • xbox live arcade

Doom II Denies Co-Op Rewards

Generally speaking, we consider gaming together to be an achievement all on its own. Unfortunately, the folks responsible for bring Doom II to the XBLA seem to think we don't need any achievements at all when we play together. According to the official achievement list, and a hands-on experiment by Co-optimus user Tino, all of the achievements (except one multiplayer) are only available in single player. They even use capital letters to make sure we get it.

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