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Dungeon Hunter: Alliance

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by Andrew Gaskill 5
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Dungeon Hunter Alliance Launches with Online Co-Op Bug

Did you get Dungeon Hunter Alliance?  Yeah, we know it's awesome.  Have you played online yet?  Yep, we know it's not working.  Two Co-Optimus editors got together last night for some dungeon crawling action, but were distraught to find that existing characters couldn't join up online. There's a bug hindering online co-op. Established characters could join public games, but it appeared that they could not join a game they were invited to.  For example: I couldn't bring my level 5 Rogue into Nick's game, and he couldn't bring his level 6 Warrior into mine.  The screen would simply flash a message saying we couldn't join the game or the host game didn't exist anymore.  (We could bring a newly created character into the game, but that's just stupid.)  

by Tally Callahan 17
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Dungeon Hunter Coming to PSN

Back in 2009, Gameloft released a little game for the iPhone called Dungeon Hunter. It was a Diablo-inspired hack-and-slash where you leveled and built up a character. Now Gameloft plans on launching it in HD exclusively for PlayStation Network - and this time with 4-player online and offline co-op! An HD-overhaul goes beyond a visual face-lift, taking the opportunity to bring in a new art-style as well. No word yet on pricing, nor is there a trailer available yet. But there are some delicious screenshots (mmm, screenshots!). We'll keep you posted!

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