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More Kinect Party Pricing Details Revealed

As we reported last week, Double Fine's Kinect Party (the follow-up to Happy Action Theater) will debut on Xbox Live Arcade this Tuesday. From that day until December 31 it will be free for anyone to own. But how much will it cost to buy if you don't grab it within that time period? After the game switches to a paid model, it will actually be sold in a fairly interesting way. Read on for the details.

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Things are going to get silly.

Kinect Party, Sequel to Happy Action Theater Free From December 18-31!

Happy Action Theater, Double Fine's collection of Kinect minigames and visualizers for XBLA, is probably the most beloved Kinect XBLA title besides Fruit Ninja Kinect. It really shows off what the Kinect can do and doesn't allow clumsy menus or motion controls to get in the way of the fun. As such, we've been anxiously awaiting the sequel: Kinect Party. Many gamers (particularly parents) would probably have paid 800 MS Points for the second game, but it turns out they won't have to. From December 18-31, Kinect Party will be completely free. Party time!

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Double Fine announce the sequel to their Kid friendly Kinect game

Techno Robots and Fire Breathing Dragons - It Must be Happy Action Theater 2

Many Co-Optimus readers are just like me.  They bought a Kinect for their 360, but it sits there gathering dust, making you feel guilty.  The only time it gets used in my house is when my nephews come to visit.  One of their favourite games is Happy Action Theater.  They will be giddy with excitement now that Double Fine have announced a sequel containing 17 new mini games over at GiantBomb.

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Happy Action Theater to Open its Doors Once Again

Double Fine's second Kinect title, Happy Action Theater, is not a traditional game. Rather it contains 18 minigames or visualizers that play one after another while everyone in your living room jumps around and acts a fool. The lack of structure made reviewing it tough, but we still loved its support for more than two players and general insanity. The game must have sold pretty well too, as Double Fine is already at work on a sequel.

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