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Our Weekend In Gaming: Hive Mind

Word has apparently gotten out that No Man's Sky has real, honest-to-gosh co-op, so naturally the Co-Opticrew had to dive in.  Or rather, we will be diving in once the weekend starts.  Hello Games' oft-criticized 2016 release has been undergoing a steady redemption arc over the past couple years, adding in much of the feature set that folks expected to be in it in the first place.  What does this say about the state of game development?  Who knows, but we'll at least find out how much fun it is to explore a procedurally-generated universe with a few friends.

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"It's been a long road..."

No Man's Sky Adds Co-Op In NEXT Update

A few months back, Sean Murray and Hello Games that they were working on an update for their exploration/crafting/building/adventure game, No Man's Sky, titled "NEXT." This update would be a little bit different than the previous three ("Foundation," "Path Finder," and "Atlas Rises"), as each of those added new content and new activities. "NEXT," on the other hand, will add something we're very excited about: co-op.

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