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The blue blur is ready for a new co-op adventure!

Sonic Superstars Has Arrived on Consoles and PC

Back in June, Sega announced that Sonic Superstars would be the first Sonic the Hedgehog game with 4-player co-op. Now the game is finally here, and up to four local players can team up and go on a 2.5D platforming adventure as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. We're always excited for a new Sonic game, but the co-op support makes this one so much more exciting.

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At last, Sonic and Tails will get to team up with friends in this upcoming platformer.

Sonic Superstars Will Be the First 4-player Co-op Sonic Game

Remember when Sonic Generations came out in 2011, and everyone loved it despite the obnoxious final boss battle? In the years since, Sega has stubbornly refused to make a sequel despite the obvious financial incentive to do so. That will finally change this fall when Sonic Superstars arrives on consoles and PC. It's not called "Sonic Generations 2," but this one clearly builds on the 2.5D visual style and gameplay of Generations. Even more excitingly, it will also feature 4-player local co-op!

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