Tokyo Jungle

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Tokyo Jungle, When Vikings Attack, and more!

Best of PlayStation Network, Vol 1 Offers a Retail Option For Sony's Digital Finest

Contrary to the beliefs of some multi-billion dollar corporations, some people still play games offline. They may not have an internet connection, but they still have taste. Heck, they may even have an internet connection, but maybe they simply don't want to pipe their personal information into the enigmatic labyrinth of tubes and "security" measures that makes up online stores.

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New outfits, too!

Four New Animals Come to Tokyo Jungle

Is your Tokyo Jungle roster missing something? If you've been playing the quirky little brawler/survival game you've probably noticed the five locked animals toward the bottom of the character select screen. (Okay, there are many, many locked animals when your first start the game, but five of the animals are trapped behind red colored locks.) The Giraffe, Crocodile, Panda, Kangaroo, and Sabertooth have been taunting me for two weeks. Today, four of these five creatures are available for purchase from the PlayStation Store.

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