World Gone Sour

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
World Gone Sour Co-Op Review
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World Gone Sour Co-Op Review

Things are about to get sticky...or something.

You’d think life would be easy as a piece of candy, when in reality it can be a fate worse than hell. In the World Gone Sour universe, the ultimate goal of a Sour Patch Kid is to make it into the belly of a human, much like us trying to make it into Heaven someday. Unfortunately, some Sour Patch Kids get left behind in unfortunate ways, either by being dropped or misplaced by neglectful people, and then they get angry. Very angry. Yep, these Kids go from nice and sweet to sadistically mean and sour, all because you denied them their dream of being eaten.

As the Green and Blue Sour Patch Kids (SPK), you take on a different approach to your frustrations. Your story begins in a movie theatre, about to be devoured by an accountant from New Jersey, when suddenly he suffers from vertigo and you both are left behind (The narrator is the best part of this game). Using the other SPKs you'll find along the way, you’re objective is to try to survive whatever the world has to throw at you, while trying to “save” your red SPK friend who was also left behind at the candy factory. Your quest, essentially, is to pursue the red Sour Patch kid and make amends for “leaving” him, while he periodically ambushes you ever other level or so (it’s kind of strange, I know). He’s not the only problem in your life, however, because other Sour Patch kids you’ll meet along the way are, well… erm, sour about their troubles and decide to take out their anger on you.

The majority of the game involves maneuvering through the environments of garbage and tabletops, all while befriending other SPKs to assist you in your quest . The more of them you have following you, the easier it will be to survive; the more the merrier! These miniature SPK’s follow behind you like baby ducks to their mother, and their purpose is to assist you much like how Pikmin would from the game, well… Pikmin.

You can throw them to attack enemies along the way (like living wads of gum or enraged toys), use them to reach hard-to-reach places and solve puzzles, and basically just use their existence for your own benefit, even if it means throwing them to their doom. The game actually encourages you to sacrifice your SPK minions into flames, buzz saws, fryers, beds of nails, pools of soda, anything to gain a higher point score too. But since losing your minions doesn’t hurt you in any way (they’ll eventually respawn next to you), it makes it easy to increase your point score without losing any lives. This game promotes the savagery towards the SPKs, making it refreshingly humorous, despite the portrayed dark tone.