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Chris began his life in gaming from watching the TV screens of his childhood friends while playing over at their homes. His parents never particularly wanted him to be a gamer, but it was what he was born to be from the moment the controller met his hands. To him, nothing beats having huge playlists of various 8-bit soundtracks played in his ear all day or watching loads of professional Starcraft 2 matches online. During his time at Kutztown University of PA, he focused most of his writing on gaming at every chance he got, concerning the hell out of most of his professors in the process. Proving them wrong, he obtained his BA in English/Professional Writing in 2010 and has since done freelance work for a few other small gaming websites and The Morning Call newspaper.

Other than joining up with his close group of buddies over XBL to play exorbitant amounts of Left 4 Dead, Chris enjoys the little moments of quiet reading on his Kindle, spending time with friends and family, or surfing the internet. Chris is a huge fan of Valve and is making the effort to beat every Legend of Zelda game made within his lifetime.

And no: his favorite baseball team isnít the Mets. Nice try.

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