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Tokyo Jungle

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes

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Local co-op play is supported via a shared screen. Any unlocked animals can be paired with each other.

As they approach the shops of Dogenzaka the Retriever can sense a large number of animals. He crouches in the tall grass, concealing himself from view. A few plump pigs are grazing just beyond his striking distance. He creeps out of cover slowly. He charges. His hunger has made him desperate. His timing is off. The pigs are alerted to his presence and shake off his attack. He gives chase, but they are too fast. The rabbit and his mate scour the streets for food, avoiding the tall grasses that may conceal other predators. 

The Retriever begins to quickly mark territory. He drinks from a small puddle which helps with his hunger and diminishes some of the poison in his system. The group stumbles upon a few sleeping chickens. This time the Retriever is patient. His prey is unaware. His timing is perfect. He strikes quickly, scoring a clean kill. He devours the chicken out in the open.

Big mistake. Two Jackals were lying in wait. The old dog senses their attack and springs away at the last possible second. Using his newfound energy, he rips the throat from the unbalanced Jackal. Before he can recover he's immediately set upon by the other beast. He's mauled horribly. The animals brutally snarl, rip, and tear at each other. The Retriever can feel his life fading.

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There is a wide variety of animals to unlock.

The real meat of Tokyo Jungle lies in Survival Mode. Here's where players will be challenged to claim territory, hunt, graze, and breed, all while trying not to starve to death, or be eaten themselves. Gameplay in Tokyo Jungle hinges on environmental factors. An animal's hunger meter is always dropping. Predators need to hunt and grazer's must continuously forage. When all of an area's food supplies have been exhausted they must move on. . Rain, pollution and other unique events can change the environment. The game does a great job of forcing players to stay on the move.

An animal can claim a new territory by marking several different areas. Once the territory is theirs potential mates will appear. If an animal mates with a prime companion, positive traits will be permanently passed onto future generations, effectively leveling up that animal. Player control will switch to the new animal. There will usually be more than one offspring. This will create a pack, making you a much more formidable creature. You'll control the leader of the pack and the other animals will follow you. Predator packs can attack en masse while grazers can cast off pack members to ensure a quick escape.

On top of the environmental factors there are several challenges embedded in the gameplay. Players will earn "Survival Points" by consuming a certain number of calories, mating, or reaching particular areas. These survival points can be used to unlock new animals and purchase stat boosting apparel. New animals only become available if certain requirements are met in Survival Mode.