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I've always been a fan of the senseless action that Metal Slug games provide. The beautiful 2D sidescrolling games have always had a place in my heart. The latest game in the series for the Nintendo DS is no exception to the rule.

Like previous game, Metal Slug allows you to a choose a character and take him or her through the MS world. These worlds feature richly detailed backdrops loaded with enemies. Little intricate objects made up of only a few pixels are everywhere, and while that might sound like a distraction, it really adds a ton of personality to the game. The animation are crisp and smooth, and the gameplay is tense.

With 7 stages and a ton of "Combat School" modes MS7 will keep you busy for quite some time, but we can't help but feel something is missing. Oh right, multiplayer co-op. Yup this game has absolutely none whatsoever. We simply can't believe they ommitted this.

This Metal Slug may possibly be the best one to date, just don't expect to have any friends join in on the fun.



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