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This time the game is not only set on Cybertron, but also visits Earth.  You would imagine that this would lead to some interesting vistas that shake up the series, but instead your eyes are attacked by polygons that would be better suited to the PlayStation 2 era.  The lack of texture and tone is hidden well in the metallic world of the Transformers, but our organic planet is not best served by the engine.

There are other elements that are also not well served; the AI for one.  The artificial intelligence is sporadic, some enemies are fiendishly difficult, whilst others Transformers would find it hard to open themselves up even if you handed them the can opener.  Therefore, you run across a series of scenarios that are either too hard or too easy – only one or two hit the right balance.

If I am being a little harsh, it is only because the game is so mediocre.  The series was never stellar, but it was solid and did at one point have a golden co-op period.  Now the game feels lazy and stale.  There is fun to be had running around and shooting in 3rd person.  The addition of perks to mix up the gameplay by creating a difficulty/experience risk/reward balance works well and there is loot aplenty to find.  You can also swap between a variety of light and heavy weaponry that should allow you play the game as you see fit.  Finally, there are a set of mini-achievements that are integrated into the game that does make some of the monotonous gameplay appear more worthwhile.