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Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

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Jason "OrigamiPanther" Love
SuckerPunch- PlayStation 3

Best known for its Sly Cooper games, Sucker Punch has taken a step into the open world genre with its latest release, inFAMOUS. Changing game genres can be risky, but Sucker Punch manages to successfully dive into a new genre.

From Cole’s origin story to the moral choices he faces, inFAMOUS seems to be an homage to the classic era of comics, but at times it can be hard to tell if that’s intentional or just a trite story. Story aside, the game is one of the better open world games I’ve played in awhile. The best platforming elements of the Sly Cooper games are used to make moving around Empire City feel natural and easy. Leap towards a ledge, and Cole will stick the landing like a gymnast; miss the ledge and you can use Cole’s powers to float towards the nearest outcropping, which Cole automatically grabs.

Speaking of Cole’s powers, they can best be described as gun/grenade/rocket launcher-type powers mixed with The Force; and nothing is more fun than flinging a guy off a building before zapping him as he hurtles to the ground below. Deciding to play the hero or villain does affect the development of these powers, but the differences are minor, and unfortunately don’t make either choice feel unique. The greatest downside to inFAMOUS, by far, is its missions. Repetition is expected, but “unlocking” side missions that are based on one part of a frustrating main story mission isn’t the best choice.

In the genre of open world games, the sandbox is starting to get a little crowded. Amongst the GTA and Crackdown clones out there, inFAMOUS doesn’t begged to be cloned per se, but it does a good job of rising above the crowd and is well worth a play through or two.