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Loren "AgtFox" Halek
Radical Entertainment- PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

Prototype is a really good open world superhero (or anti-hero is probably the better term) game that would probably score better had I never played another game we’re reviewing this month: inFAMOUS.

Prototype tells the story of Alex Mercer, a man who has lost most of his memories and is neither alive nor dead. He wakes up in the morgue and finds that he can do things like consume people and shapeshift into them to avoid detection, jump high and has super strength. Along the way as he tries to fit in the pieces of exactly what happened to him, he develops other powers such as gliding, growing claws out of his hands and even making a huge blade out of his hand. Yes, something has certainly happened to Alex and he’s pissed off enough to leave a trail of blood and sliced up bodies in his wake.

The game is very gruesome and mature with a lot of f-bombs being flown about. Sometimes as I played through the game I felt Radical Entertainment was adding in the naughty words and over-the-top violence just to synthetically make the game stand out. The story throughout is rather good, although it takes a dip at the end when things start coming out of left field if you didn’t take the time to hunt out all the Web of Intrigue side missions that flesh out the overall story even more.

You will have fun with this game as you kill everything in sight and the bonus is that all the side missions are entirely optional to you. You can fly through just the story missions if you want, gaining experience and buying new upgrades to Alex’s powers. You can also do all the side missions and make Alex even more powerful because you’ll have even more experience points. Not as good as inFAMOUS, but if you don’t have a PS3 this is an easy buy. If you do have a PS3 I hope you have enough money for both because I think you’ll enjoy them.


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