Co-Optimus - Review - Beyond Co-op Reviews: January 2022

Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Beyond Co-op Reviews: January 2022
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Beyond Co-op Reviews: January 2022

Brain games, futuristic sports, and platformers abound in this month's reviews.

Welcome back to Beyond Co-Op Reviews, our critical look at games that don't feature co-op modes.

This month we're reviewing the long-awaited sequel to Windjammers, a cult classic futuristic sports game, as well as a party game that will either make you feel like a genius or a dullard: the Nintendo Switch-exclusive Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain! With so many games to choose from, let us help you find the best non-cooperative games in our Beyond Co-Op Reviews!

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain (Switch)

“A big part of the new game’s longevity comes from customizing the player’s character and unlocking new parts for it… Having set up their characters from the limited pool of starting options, players will then be able to earn coins and unlock up to 300 clothing items.”

Windjammers 2 (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC)

Multiplayer is where Windjammers has always shined – competing against someone of similar skill level beats battling the ruthless AI any day of the week.”

Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC)

“The biggest difference between Wonder Labyrinth and Symphony of the Night is the Ikaruga-like spirit system. Deedlit soon acquires both wind and fire spirits that imbue her with special powers.”

Trophy (Xbox and NES)

“Ever since the dawn of arcade games, games have cloned and imitated more successful games. Trophy is just such a game, an unabashed Mega Man-style platformer.”

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