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Tornado Outbreak

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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That's not the case with the racing and boss battles.  Here, the co-op elements of Tornado Outbreak really come out.  Racing levels require Zephyr to fly around at great speed in a sort of slalom course.  In co-op mode, one player controls Zephyr's movement, and the other controls his shields, which must be activated in order to bust through certain obstacles.  If the course is failed, players switch roles on the next try.  The boss battles are similar in execution.  In these, Zephyr must cross moving patches of light and dark, avoiding the lethal sun.  Shields are raised to defend against various projectiles.  Once the "boss", a sort of totem pole, is reached, both players take turns button mashing to defeat it.  The racing and boss sections are short but break up the action quite nicely.

Tornado Outbreak is a surprisingly solid game.  Destroying acres of farms, trailer parks, and cities is very appealing, and there are various humorous bits throughout the whole experience.  My only reservation with the game is that it is fairly short, and somewhat repetitive.  Still, it's a decent way to spend an afternoon, particularly with a younger gamer.  The co-op is solid, if not spectacular.


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