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Clash of the Titans

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Hammer Time?
Having undermined the single player aspect of the game perhaps it is the co-op element (when it finally arrived) that will be the game’s saving grace?  I have found that many below average games have been greatly improved with the ability to play with a friend e.g. Damnation, Fairytale Fights.  However, a poorly implemented co-op mode can only add to the negative side of a game and in many ways this is exactly what Clash does.
On certain missions throughout the game you are allowed to take a co-op partner along with you, usually in the guise of one of the major characters from the film.  Each has a slightly different set of skills that means they are better as ranged or close combat fighters.  The differences are marked enough that your gaming partner will probably choose one person they prefer.  Here is where the positives end.  The issues with the single player are present in the co-op mode with two players instead of one hacking and slashing for all their worth.  However, the mode also introduces its own unique issues.

Rubber banding is a problem.  The issue is similar to that in Fable 2 were both players must be on the same screen, but when Fable 2 allowed you to warp closer to your ally, Clash makes the screen stop.  This leads to many frustrating moments as two players run in opposite directions, but neither can reach their goal.  Compounding this is the fact that many enemies need to be finished off with a special move that can only be activated when you stand next to them.  I cannot count the number of times I was striving to move the screen to finish of a member of the undead whilst my partner was trying to do the same thing elsewhere on screen.  A dynamic splitscreen as seen in Lego Indiana Jones 2 would have really enhanced the game.

To give developers Game Republic their due, I don’t think that the co-op elements of Clash of the Titans were an afterthought, just a poorly implemented one.  The game itself is poor as a solo experience, but to call it true co-op when you have to wait almost three hours to play it in this style is a little crazy.  To add to this frustration, some missions will be co-op for the first part, only for it to become single player at the quest’s finale.  How many friends do you know who will sit around and watch you play when they are meant to be on screen?  When the co-op does commence it is a confusing and jumbled affair as you mash buttons wildly.  Player 2 will probably spend the first five minutes each time they get in game trying to remember the buttons to press.  I cannot recommend Clash of the Titans for either single or co-op play, as the basics of the game are poor.  Whilst some lacking games use co-op to make them at least entertaining, the co-op here only compounds the issues.  I get the sense that this tie in of Clash was not delayed to enhance the game, but more likely to avoid reflecting negatively on the film.


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