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LEGO Star Wars III
by Nick Puleo

While the 3DS version LEGO Star Wars III is nearly identical to the DS version, there are a few upgrades (and downgrades) here. While the 3D is an obvious enhancement, the game lacks any kind of multiplayer functionality - that means no co-op play. Really this baffles us as its been a staple of the series.

Still, the 3D in LEGO Star Wars is impressive, and compared to the other 3DS titles I played, it sort of stands out on its own. While there’s a few effects that “fly at you” - for instance picking up the little LEGO pieces, most of the 3D simply has to do with creating an interesting looking game. It really looks like you have a view into this little world, almost a diorama.

Gameplay wise LEGO Star Wars 3 is solid on every front with a good variety of missions to accomplish. The use of three distinct character classes adds some additional strategy to the puzzles, and like the previous LEGO games, everything is still very light hearted.

I just really...really wish it had co-op.

Recommendation: Try