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Steel Diver
by Nick Puleo

Steel Diver started out as a tech demo for the 3DS and eventually turned into a fully featured title. The game is one of the few “hardcore” titles at launch, tasking players with navigating a one of three different subs through underwater caverns. Along the way you’ll have to avoid other ships, mines, underwater volcanos and other such obstacles. There’s a sim like feel at play as the lower touch screen is used to steer, balance, shoot, and repair your submarine.

The 3D Effects in Steel Diver are impressive too, giving the game an almost old school 2D side scrolling feel. You have distinctive layers in the game of foreground, middleground and background elements - its like looking into a little aquarium.

The side scrolling missions are broken up by a periscope arcade mini-game. In it you literally have to look different directions with the 3DS to simulate turning on a periscope from a submarine. You’ll find other subs and ships in your world that you’ll need to shoot down. I highly recommend doing this on a spinny office chair for maximum enjoyment.

Overall, while Steel Diver is fun, it’s just a bit too repetitive for me. I think I was hoping for the next Silent Scope game and hyped the title up in my head too much, still what’s there is enjoyable - it’s just not for everyone.

Recommendation: Try