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Pilot Wings: Resort
by Katrina Pawlowski

Pilot Wings was one of my favorite games on the Nintendo 64, so naturally when I saw the launch title available on 3DS I couldn’t resist. Firing up Pilot Wings: Resort you’re asked to select your Mii - already the game is more personal, as your craft is piloted by the personalized Mii you created with the game system. You’ll then go through a tutorial that allows you to become acquainted with the three crafts: plane, rocket belt (jet pack) and glider.

The controls are fairly simple with the basics like acceleration, deceleration, and the analog stick to pilot the craft. Each craft handles differently, and at least one challenge per craft to be completed on each level. As much as I personally dislike the rocket belt’s wild control, it is still fun to complete the challenges as they come along.

3D in Pilot Wings: Resort is a pretty big issue in an otherwise perfectly fun game. The craft is the only thing on the screen that really pops out at you, but tracking the movements of the environment in 3D has given myself and each of my friends who has played this particular title, a massive headache.

Turning the 3D down or even all the way off is the best way to enjoy Pilot Wings: Resort, and enjoy it you shall. It’s a great flight simulator game right in your hands wherever you wish to take it, even without popping out at you (and draining your battery).

Recommendation: Try