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[E3 2014] - Your Co-Optimus Coverage of the Show
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[E3 2014] - Your Co-Optimus Coverage of the Show

We're heading to LA, here's how to find the co-op scoop

Once again Co-Optimus is heading to Los Angeles, CA to bring you the low down at the video game industry's biggest event - The Electronic Entertainment Expo - or E3 for short. This year we've got three of the crew heading to town with Locke, Nick and Justin bringing you all the goods. Want to hear what's in store for the show? Want to know how you can get the scoop right from the crew? Read on!

First off you can always find the latest information by heading to our homepage. We've got a dedicated section for E3 announcements, videos, news and live tweets from the show. It's the first thing you'll see when you hit the page - can't miss it. There's also a dedicated page that showcases our "Live" coverage.

You can always follow us on Twitter as well.  We'll be tweeting, Vining, Instragraming, and any other social sharing option we can. We'll be using the hashtag #E3CoOp and encourage you to do the same!

Nick Puleo - @nickpuleo
Locke Vincent - @lockevincent
Justin Reynolds - @justinsocial

Our news feed can be found here: Co-Optimus E3 2014 Coverage

The Games

Here are the games we'll be getting our hands (or eyes) on with this show. We hope to bring you a ton of great video and written features with exclusive developer interviews and hands on impressions.

These are just the games we know (or can talk about). We're also hoping to see titles like Battlefront 3, Halo 5, Battlefield: Hard Line, and maybe a few others that haven't been confirmed to be shown, or confirmed to have co-op.

Let us know if there's something in particular you want us to look out for!