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Owner, creator, and mad scientist of Co-Optimus, Nick has spent the last 10 years working on Co-Optimus.

Co-Op gaming has been in his blood since the days of Sega Genesis playing Streets of Rage and Golden Axe. Of course the fond memories of the boardwalk arcade and Raiden II, Aliens vs. Predator, and Ninja Turtles didn't hurt either.

Nick has been covering video games since 2004, including leadership roles at prominent gaming outlets. He has created numerous websites to feed his insatiable appetite for world domination, of which, is coming along nicely.

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DJ Varyix, DJ Wizard Sleeves and DJ Penguin Pants in the Houuuuuuuse

FUSER Co-Op Stream Recap and Impressions

A long time ago a music games were all the rage. Battles were fought on consoles for the ultimate "hero" game with the likes of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, DJ Hero and many others. But the bubble burst and those games were found few and far between. Now one of the original studios is back, with Harmonix bringing us a brand new game that teaches players about mixing together music. It's called FUSER.

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Modern gaming

ROCCAT Burst Pro and Sense AIMO XXL Gaming Surface Impressions

Following up on our review of the ROCCAT Vulkan TKL Pro comes the other piece of recent gaming hardware, the Burst Pro gaming mouse. The weight of a gaming mouse has always been one of the most controversial features, while in the past gamers tended towards heavier more stable mice, the new trend is as light as possible. To that end we've seen ...

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Tiny but mighty

ROCCAT Vulkan TKL Pro Impressions

Thanks to Co-Optimus, I've been fortunate enough to get fingers on a lot of keyboards over the years. It's clear that in the 12 years this website has been around keyboard technology has progressed quite a bit. The latest keyboard from ROCCAT Gaming is the shining example of this when looking in retrospect. I've been using the the ROCCAT Vulkan TKL Pro for the past week and I've come away incredibly impressed with modern keyboard keyboard technology.

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How is it September?

Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for August, 2020

Looking to see if you missed any co-op gaming goodness in August? We've got the roundup right below including the top stories, game releases, and our database additions - there were over 400! If Google Stadia is a platform you play on, well our list is now comprehensive for co-op.

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