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Modern gaming

ROCCAT Burst Pro and Sense AIMO XXL Gaming Surface Impressions

Following up on our review of the ROCCAT Vulkan TKL Pro comes the other piece of recent gaming hardware, the Burst Pro gaming mouse. The weight of a gaming mouse has always been one of the most controversial features, while in the past gamers tended towards heavier more stable mice, the new trend is as light as possible. To that end we've seen ...

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Tiny but mighty

ROCCAT Vulkan TKL Pro Impressions

Thanks to Co-Optimus, I've been fortunate enough to get fingers on a lot of keyboards over the years. It's clear that in the 12 years this website has been around keyboard technology has progressed quite a bit. The latest keyboard from ROCCAT Gaming is the shining example of this when looking in retrospect. I've been using the the ROCCAT Vulkan TKL Pro for the past week and I've come away incredibly impressed with modern keyboard keyboard technology.

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A lightweight wonder

Roccat Savu Mouse Impressions

Nick hit me up the other day about reviewing a new gaming mouse, the Roccat Savu. I asked him if he was sure, because new tech and I don't get along very well. He said he knew I could handle it, so I grudgingly complied. My inner monolog was already scolding me: "Oh no, free stuff. And you have to play with it. What a bummer. Truly you live a horrible life." I got my hands on the mouse and then I got my game on.

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Zee Germans Are Coming

E3 2012: Roccat Lua and Kone XTD Hands On

Our final hardware appointment from E3 2012 was with Roccat, the German gaming hardware company. When it comes to design, the Germans have been among the elite for decades. Roccat is taking this same prowess and applying it to their new lineup of mice, as well as bringing a slick app that all gamers should embrace.

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This Mouse and Keyboard Know the Meaning of Cooperation

ROCCAT Isku Keyboard and Kone[+] Mouse Review

There are a fair number of PC games just around the corner, some of which have been 10 years in the making (good to finally see you again Diablo), while others put you and your friends into the shoes of military with the latest tech in Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Your PC may be up to the task of rendering these games in all their glory, but are your mouse and keyboard ready?

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ROCCAT Kahn Pro Headset Impressions

As this is my fourth headset I've reviewed in just two months time, it's starting to get easier to see what features stand out compared to the competition. The packaging and build quality are fairly no frills here and the Khan Pro is surprisingly light. The build quality feels a bit cheap to be honest, almost too plasticy for the $100 asking price. The mic is non-detachable and a bit stiff, rotating from the left ear up or down. The pads are soft and comfortable and lasted well through extended play sessions with little ear fatigue. 

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