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Play in co-op or battle with more classic Konami characters

Contra Heroes Arrive in Super Bomberman R

No sooner did we publish our co-op review of Super Bomberman R than Konami published an update to every version of the game that adds a host of unlockable characters for co-op and battle modes. The biggest name characters are Snake and Raiden from Metal Gear Solid, but as co-op fans we’re most excited for playable characters from Konami’s traditionally cooperative Contra and Goemon franchises.

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Still over 4,000 songs to rock out to

Rock Band DLC to End April 2nd

It seemed like the days of plastic instruments cluttering up living rooms would never end. On April 2nd, however, Harmonix has announced that DLC support for Rock Band 3 will be terminated as the team moves on to other projects. The songs aren't going anywhere, and sales will continue to occur, but new content is officially at an end. Not only is it a sobering reminder of an era coming to pass, but it also marks the longest DLC support for a franchise in video gaming history, boasting over 275 weeks of continuous releases.

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Bad News Everyone - Rock Band Network Ends Wii Updates

Here's a little bad news for those of you who enjoy Rock Band 3 on the Nintendo Wii.  It was recently announced that this past Tuesday's installment of Rock Band Network releases would be the last batch for the Wii.   DLC packages will still be available, but the network has effectively been mothballed.  Is this another sign of the waning popularity of the music game genre?  Why yes, yes it is.  This statement comes from the Rock Band site:

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