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New life for a solid twin-stick shooter

Assault Android Cactus Plus Now Available on Nintendo Switch

One of my all-time favorite twin-stick shooter, Assault Android Cactus, is now available on the Nintendo Switch with some improvements and a couple new features as Assault Android Cactus Plus. This re-release dropped last Friday and still supports four player couch co-op in every single mode, and also moves the "twin-stick" shooter genre into a new direction: single-stick.

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Assault Android Cactus, Death Squared, and Splinter Cell Conviction

Endure the Summer Heat With Friends With July's Games With Gold

July... Of all the months in the calendar year, this one has the distinction of being my least favorite. Mainly due to the fact that the unbearable heat (which is my natural nemesis) makes life feel questionable. But, put that aside, and I guess it's ok. If your idea of a perfect July is being indoors with air conditioning and video games with friends, then good news! July's Games with Gold includes three co-op titles: Assault Android CactusDeath Squared, and Splinter Cell Conviction (360, backwards compatible).

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The cutest heavy assault weapon of them all.

Assault Android Cactus Blasts Onto PS4

With Assault Android Cactus finally landing onto the PlayStation 4, I need some help. Can someone explain to me the frequency of combat droids resembling adorable little girls? Sure, you don't want your nefarious army composed entirely of hulking DeathBots like all the other mad scientists. But out of all the robot designs out there, why do we have to throw the cutesy ones into battle? With Assault Android Cactus, you can even launch four at a time into robotic bullet hell.

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