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Yeah, That's Right - "Friendly" is Out, "Snuggly" is In

Xbox Live Summer Deals Are Co-Op Snuggly

In case you were looking for a way to fill up your entire XBox 360 hard drive with downloadable co-op content, Xbox Live Marketplace's summer deals have you covered. Mission packs for older games? Check. New Arcade releases? Check. There's only one caveat - some of these will expire soon, so don't twiddle your thumbsticks. twiddle your thumbsticks, but only after you've browsed the below list.

by Marc Allie 8
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Avatar Awards Ambling Your Way In Left for Dead 2

Love 'em or hate 'em, Avatars are here to stay.  If you have to pick a very Nintendo-like animated persona, you may as well customize it, making it your very own.  Avatar Awards are one of the cooler ways to do this; earning certain achievements unlocks clothes and accessories for your 'toon self.  'Splosion Man did it first, and it looks like Left 4 Dead 2 is the next game to feature Avatar Awards.

by Nick Puleo 5
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Guitar Hero 5 will support Xbox Live Avatars

Could this be one of the first really interesting use of Xbox Live's avatar system?  Activision has announced that Guitar Hero 5 will allows rockers to import their avatar into the game.  Co-Op just got a whole lot more personal as your mini-me will shred virtual metal next to the rest of your friends and their avatars.

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Avatars Flip it on You in the World of Reals

When avatars were announced for the Xbox 360 Dashboard update last year, many hardcore gamers groaned.  Yet, over a year later those same folks have meticulously crafted an avatar that's a mirror image of themselves.  With the upcoming dashboard update our avatars will be even more customizable with objects and set pieces for our avatar to interact with.

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Co-Optimus Users Avatar Rogues Gallery

  In celebration of the New Xbox Experience, game blogger site Joystiq has posted a gallery of 34 Avatars of the Rich and Famous, of which our own Nick Puleo is #20! Congratulations, Nick, on your fame and fortune! After the "Read More" link, I've posted the avatars of our staff as they currently appear on Xbox Live, as...

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