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by Sam Tyler 8
A new teaser site has appeared hinting at a return to the universe of Baldur's Gate

Joy! Is a New Baldur's Gate Incoming?

The Baldur's Gate franchise remains one of my fondest memories of the Playstation 2/Xbox era.  All those years ago I played Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance with my girlfriend in local co-op.  I would be the mighty barbarian rushing into attack; she would be the dwarf being forced to stay at the rear as she always got killed. We are still together, but there has been a Baldur's Gate (BG) sized hole in our lives for a long time - but with the launch of a new teaser site, perhaps our dreams of a BG future will actually happen?

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Baldur's Gate 2 Now Available from Good Old Games

Baldur's Gate 2, which may as well be called "This is Dungeons and Dragons," is now available for your six player online co-op pleasure at Good Old  For those of you not familiar with, they have an amusing 'about us' page that pretty much gives you the nuts and bolts of the operation.  The long and short of it is that offers out of print PC games as digital downloads when they aren't faking going out of business.  Stupid marketing ploys aside, the site seems solid.

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